Get Focused Build Confidence Perform Under Pressure

Take your game to the next level with mental training.

            "Buy in, more than anything you need to be mentally strong"  -Aaron Gordon

Mental Skills Training

At UPBasketball we help athlete's understand how to play present and discover their personal greatness on the court and in life. Mental training provides a skillset to deal with high pressure situations and build mental toughness. This type of training is just like any other skillset, it is not a quick fix and is developed with daily practice. 

Mental Skills Training with Coach Joey

UPB is now offering 1-on-1 Mental Skills Training with Player Development Coach, Joey Hewitt. During each session, we analyze and identify the player's unique personality and specific needs. We start by introducing a mental skill (e.g. Confidence, Pressure, Routine, etc.) and showcase videos of professional athletes who exemplify these skills. Together, we discuss how these skills apply to our experiences on the court and how we can utilize them during practices and games. We finish by practicing various mental exercises such as meditation, visualization, positive affirmations, and journaling.

45 minute off-court 1:1 virtual Mental Skills Training

First time trial: $90

Single Session: $100

4 Pack: $360

On Count Training & Mental Skills Training Combo: $800

(Includes 4 on-court skills training sessions and 4 off-court mental training sessions. *Save $40* $110 per on-court training, $90 per off-court training)

Please email to book these sessions.

By participating in these 1-on-1 sessions, players can develop new mental skills such as breathing techniques and self-talk phrases to elevate their performance to the next level. After each session, the parent/guardian receives a detailed summary of what we worked on as a way to help support their child from a mental point of view. This is an exceptional opportunity to enhance your mental game and develop a champion's mindset.

These sessions are great immediately before or after your workout at UPB. If you do it before, you give yourself a mental focus for your upcoming workout that you can use to improve your mental fortitude while playing. If you do it after, you can bring your body back to a parasympathetic state by focusing on relaxing and getting your heart rate back to normal after a physically taxing workout. It also provides immediate reflection from your workout and allows you to learn from your struggles or mistakes you made while playing.