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Listen to what Mike has to say, he’s only going to add to you as a person and as a player. Mental training has had a positive impact on me on and off the court by being able to see through adversity.”  

-George King, University of Colorado

Mental Training in the NBA

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Mike helps teach athlete's how to play present and discover their personal greatness on the court and in life. Mental training provides a skillset to deal with high pressure situations and build mental toughness. This type of training is just like any other skillset, it is not a quick fix and is developed with daily practice. 

My Philosophy:

Mindfulness: Paying attention in the present moment without judgement. Being right where your feet are. 

Focus is a Choice: You are always focused on something. Are you choosing to focus on things that will help you succeed?

Confidence is an Action: You can choose to act confidently no matter how you feel. Most people act how they feel, mental training teaches you to act your way into the feeling.

Greatness is a Decision: You have to choose to be great everyday, it doesn't happen overnight.

Human First: You are not the sport you play. You are a human being choosing to play basketball.

More Mental Game Topics:

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-Fear and Failure

-Dealing with success

-Pre and post competition routines

-Connecting with your purpose

-Working with emotions

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            "Buy in, more than anything you need to be mentally strong"  -Aaron Gordon