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How UPBasketball Started

Coach Packie and Bianca Turner began Unlimited Potential Basketball (UPBasketball) in 2016. Coach Packie played varsity basketball at Fort Bragg High School and continued to play at Holy Names University in Oakland, CA. He received his bachelors in Sport Management from HNU and Bianca received her bachelors in Marketing from Santa Clara University. Coach Packie started training young athletes while still in high school, and began training professional basketball players after college. Together they stared UPBasketball and after one year of being in business they moved their training to what is now the the UPBasketball Training Facility in Burlingame, CA.

As the head trainer for Unlimited Potential Basketball, Coach Packie works with athletes of all ages and levels. The UPBasketball staff strives to create a environment where people feel comfortable getting out of their comfort zone.

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What We Teach

We believe there are three things you can always fully control: energy, effort, and focus.
Once you learn to take control, you can grow as a human being and achieve greatness.

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