Group Training

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Group Training

Skills Session- Ball Handling and Finishing

Cover the fundamentals of basketball, attacking moves, combo moves, advanced ball handling, and shooting with the UPB skills training sessions. Our trainers deliver customized attention to the individual needs of the athletes each session. In this fun and encouraging group environment that takes the pressure off, your athlete is sure to unlock their unlimited potential.

Groups are broken out by skill level during the session. Space is limited and sessions do fill up quickly.

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Shooting Sessions

Hone the perfect shot with our UPB shooting sessions. These 60 minute sessions teach athletes the ins and outs of what it takes to be a consistent shooter. Through different drills, and an encouraging environment the UPB coaches build, players get the repetition of shooting they need to up their basketball game. They will learn how to make a basket under pressure so your player will find their confidence to take on any situation in basketball.

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Train and Play

This session will include 40 minutes of skill work and 20 minutes of live play! Your athlete will have a chance to work on their skills and apply it in live game situations. 

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All Girls Group

In a welcoming and safe space, athletes will work on attacking moves, combo moves, advanced ball handling, and shooting in the All Girls sessions led by former professional basketball player, Coach Hannah. These sessions are more than just basketball. Not only will they cover the fundamentals of basketball, but our UPB Trainers will work on motivating and empowering these young women to help them become more confident in their skill sets.

Times and Pricing


K-3rd Grade:

Mondays 5-6pm Train and Play

Tuesdays 5-6pm Train and Play

Thursdays 5-6pm Skills Session

Sundays 10-11am Train and Play

4th-8th Grade:

Tuesdays 6-7pm Train and Play

Wednesdays 5-6pm All Girls Session

Wednesdays 6-7pm Shooting Session

Saturdays 10-11am Train and Play

Sundays 11-12pm Train and Play

Sundays 12-1pm Shooting Session

8th-12th Grade:

Sundays 1-2pm Skills Session

Sundays 2-3pm Shooting Session

4th-12th Grade:

Thursdays 6-7pm Skills Session

Saturdays 11-12pm Shooting Session

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UPB Basketball Training Packages:

1 Session: $50 
3 Sessions: $135 ($45 each) 
5 Sessions $200 ($40 each)
10 Sessions: $330 ($33 each)
15 Sessions: $450 ($30 each)

*First 10 Pack Special: $300 *($30 each)

*First time drop in: $30

Athletes are required to sign up ahead of time and you have up to 24 hrs in advance to cancel.