Training Sessions

I will be offering 2 different programs over the 5 weeks from April 20th to May 22nd with limited space available.

Wednesday Evenings: Fundamentals

We will focus on proper footwork and ballhandling skills.

Attacking Moves: The ability to get by someone and get in a position to score

Combo Moves: Basketball is a beautiful sport when creativity’s involved, learning how to combine different moves and attack out of them is key to growth

Advanced Ball Handling: Having worked with an MVP point guard and champion and knowing the importance of ballhandling, we will work to introduce you to some very challenging and difficult drills to take you out of your comfort zone

Sunday Mornings: Shooting
Session Details:
9 am Session: Beginner to Junior Intermediate Session for kids 2nd grade- 5th grade
10 am Session: Intermediate Session For kids 5th-8th grade that have the fundamentals down
11 am Session: This is our Advanced Training Session

Packie’s Player Prep:
Be Early: by arriving 10-15 minutes before your session, you allow us to maximize on-court time. The gym may not always be available until exactly 9 am or your time slot, but by being outside, shoes on and stretching you can hit the floor ready to work.
Be Focused: If instructions have to repeat sometimes, we will not be able to input properly these moves and drills, and it will slow us down. By being focused and ready to work, you will increase the amount of practice you will get our instruction to make sure you are executing correctly.
Have Fun! We want you to enjoy working on your game and furthering the development of it, if you are not enjoying yourself, we aren’t doing our job properly!

Please remember to bring a basketball to each workout! I look forward to working with your kids!

(Limited Space Available, click the top right corner and 9am to then get full listing)