Mental Performance Coaching

Train to be the best version of you. This program is a real investment in yourself as a person and an athlete and is for those who are serious about finding their greatness.

"The mental part is the hardest part and I think that's what separates the good players from the great players." -Michael Jordan

This type of training is just like any other skillset, it is not a quick fix and is developed with daily practice.

Mike develops custom mental training programs and guidance based off each individual's needs.

Personal Coaching

Monthly Commitment

-Five 50 minute coaching sessions (Completed within 6 weeks of first session)

Custom Mental Training Program (Also See My Philosophy)

Potential Topics...

-Mindfulness                         -Building Self Awareness

-Performing Under Pressure    -Confidence

-Pre/Post Game Routines        -Consistency

-Visualization Training            -Self Talk

-Overcoming Fear                  -Focusing and Refocusing

-Dealing With Success            -Working With Emotions

Resources and Tools Included

-Articles and videos related to topics covered

-Lucid Mental Training: 3 months access

-Custom audios

More About Mike

The Foundation Package

Learn three core skills to build your mental foundation. Topics in this package can be immediately implemented in your game and can be built off of as you begin your journey.

Package Includes

-Three one hour private coaching meetings. (Completed within 30 days)

-Resources and tools related to topics covered.

-Guidance on how to implement foundational skills in competition and everyday life.

Price: $450 

Since working with mike my game has grown tremendously! From a confidence standpoint to an awareness of myself, I truly trust in my skills. In life it allowed me to become aware of who I am as a human being and embracing all that comes with it.” 

-Darius Graham, UC Davis


Meditation was the biggest changer, it helped me lock in and deal with stress. I’m able to be much more consistent and aware of the present moment. Go into it with an open mind and don’t be afraid of change because we are ALL a work in progress.

-Arinze Chidom, Washington State

“Mental training with Mike has made me a much more confident player in terms of trusting in my abilities and not worrying about results. I am comfortable taking action, both in basketball and in my everyday life.”

-Noah Allen, ICL Manresa

Don't let anyone else decide how good you can be. You have unlimited potential, your mindset determines your success. -Graham Betchart