Pick-Up Games

2020 Pick-Up Games

1st/2nd Grade & 3rd/4th Grade Pick-Up Games

UPB Pick-Up Games

Postponed due to COVID

Join us this winter for our pick-up games. Allow your player to learn the rules of playing a full basketball game in a training environment. Your athlete will learn how to play man to man, game rules, and how to play on a team. Teams will be different every game and put together by our UPB coaches to teach athletes how to play with everyone.


◦ Mondays starting 3/2- Postponed due to Covid-19

◦ Each athlete will receive a game jersey

◦ Kids will learn how to play man to man

◦ 1st/2nd grade Games are 4 on 4, played on a short court. 3rd/4th grade will be played full court.

◦ At the beginning of each game day Coaches will put together multiple teams to scrimmage for the day (teams will change each day so athletes learn how to play with everyone)

◦ Regular Price $210 per player


1st/2nd Grade Session 1: 4-5pm

1st 2nd Grade Session 2: 5-6pm

3rd/4th Grade: 6-7pm