Shooting Course


Shooting Course Overview

Learn directly from Packie and the UPB Staff: NBA Skills Coach Packie Turner and the staff at UPB will lead you through workouts with instructional videos to ensure your skills translate to game play!

Step-by-Step Guidance: Each workout is broken down so you understand the concept behind the drill and receive in-depth instruction to master each section. 

Skills for all levels: Skills & workouts are designed to improve the games of all athletes. 

Train like the best: The drills in this program are the same workouts used for NBA & WNBA stars. 

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Price - $49


Course Details

Perfect your shot with the UPBasketball App!

- A 5 week program that focuses on shooting fundamentals, giving athletes confidence to be a scorer. 

- Designed by NBA Player Development Coach Packie Turner. 

- Accessible from anywhere. Work on your shot at the gym or at home.

- Includes one and two dribble pull-ups, 3-point shooting drills, and free throw drills that will challenge you.

This course is great for:

-Athletes wanting to improve their shot

-Coaches looking for shooting drills and more information on how to teach proper technique

-Parents helping kids learn how to play basketball

About the Shooting Course

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