UPBasketball Fundraiser

We are excited to announce that the UPBasketball Training Facility will be moving to a new location on Rollins Rd in the Spring and building out a warehouse to continue to serve this community we love so much!


UPB Fundraiser Details

To donate: select the donate button or Venmo @UPBasketball

-Donate over $1,000: You will be featured on the Donor Wall that will be up in the new gym

-Donate over $500: You will be invited to UPB's New Training Facility Launch Party

-Donate over $75: You will be entered in a raffle for a Private Training Session with Coach Packie

-Donate over $50: You will be entered in a raffle for UPB Gear (Your choice of UPB T-Shirt or UPB Sweatshirt)

-If any companies or brands are interested in partnering please email info@upbtraining.com.

We want to thank our UPB Community for all of your help and support throughout the years. As we start our new journey in our new gym, we would appreciate any donations that can be given in order to get the gym ready for training! Donations will go to purchasing hoops and the new gym floor that will be installed. Our team is building out a warehouse space so there is a lot of work to do. All donations are greatly appreciated, big or small. Thank you for your generosity! Donations can be made via the donate button or Venmo @UPBasketball.


To our UPBasketball Community:

We have made it our life mission to help children learn the values of hard work and leadership through sports. We want nothing more than to continue to grow our roots here in this community as we began UPBasketball in 2016. We have grown our business in Burlingame, California since 2017 and have watched as so many kids have grown up and flourished. We were a safe haven for many during the pandemic and we are grateful to see all the kids thriving again after the turmoil they endured through the pandemic. Our goal for the future is to continue teaching young athletes the value of hard work and the confidence that comes with it. We are grateful for all of the support and your consideration to donate. - Packie and Bianca Turner